What does future mean? Of course, children. These present small and helpless people later will create future. And task of nearby adults is help kids grow up strong, worthy personalities. Surround them with love and care, protect them from pain and fear.

It is good if mom and dad are nearby, ready to help the child learn world under their reliable protection. And if not? Exactly these kids and teenagers are protected, taught, put on their feet by the “Father’s House” – an association of social projects founded by Roman Korneyko in 1996 in the village of Svyatopetrovsky.

Feature distinguishes this place from many others – children gain a family. Temporarily, but still they have mothers and fathers – people who give love and care.

For more than 20 years, specialists have devoted all their strength to children – their health, education and most important their return to their families. This is a very difficult job. Besides spiritual strength, kindness, endless patience, there is very important resource money that they are required. Unfortunately, all we know that our state does not indulge such organizations with its help. Ordinary people help, shoulder – carry food and clothes, collect money. But they also can not solve all the problems unfortunately.

“Different things are happening, and always faithful and reliable friends from NOVBUD are among of the first to respond.” says Roman Korneyko.

Imagine how heating boiler breaks down at frosty winter evening in a house where 50 children live. NOVBUD helped replace the boiler within two hours, preventing catastrophe.

This autumn and winter brought new problems – the roof leaked in the “family” building of the “Father of the House”. In a five-floor building  icy water from burst pipes dropped through three floors into living rooms! But children live here.

“Of course, we were managing it somehow — placed the buckets, pierced the drywall letting water drain from the ceilings. Of course, we asked for help. It was hardly to believe, because changing the roof is very expensive and time-consuming process. We hoped for joint help. And again, NOVBUD responded and helped with new roofing up the building. And not just renovate roof! The roof was insulated according to all the rules of modern construction, attic windows were cut in – and children had spacious hall under the roof for classes and workshops.” says Roman Ivanovich.

Residents of the house have already made repairs in the flooded rooms and enjoy dryness and warmth. The first holidays have already passed in new hall.

Father’s House is an amazing place! He heals, helps, raises on his feet, nurtures faith and kindness. Hurry to do good, it is so important in our time!