Petrovsky Kvartal

«Petrovsky Kvartal» is one of the largest residential complexes of Ukraine with a special atmosphere, the best residential complex of the format “City in the City” of the Main Construction Prize of the country IBuild.

LCD “Petrovskiy Quarter” is located in an ecologically clean, cozy suburbs of Kiev, 5 km from the District Road. In 7 years 58 houses have been built and put into operation here, 32 houses are at different stages of construction. More than 160 infrastructure facilities have already been created on the territory of the residential complex, including kindergarten and school, medical center, shops, restaurants, beauty salons, children ‘s and sports grounds, various recreation areas.

At the moment more than 6,000 investors of apartments live in the complex and with each house handed over this figure increases. The format of the closed area with 24-hour security and video surveillance contributes to safe and serene living.

Kiev Region, Svatopetrovskoe Village, Bogdan Khmelnitskii Str., 1a

  1. The largest in Ukraine, already operating, infrastructure of the complex – more than 160 objects.
  2. Own kindergarten and school on the grounds.
  3. Cozy atmosphere of the complex, promoting comfortable living.
  4. A high level of security that guarantees you peace.
  5. All the advantages of country accommodation are only 5 km from Kiev.
  6. Daily animation and bright events will give you unforgettable emotions.
  7. A reliable developer with his own history.

Types of apartments

Типы квартир